Women are beautiful creatures known for our compassion and our love for others. We bring children into this world and raise the men and women of our future. We are mothers, sisters lovers and teachers. We uplift each and every spirit until there is nothing that can hold them back. But where does  that go when we turn our eyes towards ourselves? This recent buzz Feed video was not only compelling, but heart warming. There was almost no way a woman could watch this with out feeling like this could be them. This was once me, a young woman not understanding why i was never that girl who could instantly find love one relationship after the other. That girl who goes threw life effortlessly. The girl who receives love note and letters about how beautiful she is. The girl who could get free drinks and offered seats with a blink of the eye. That girl who takes a beautiful picture. That girl who never wears make up. That girl who doesn’t have to work out. So once we realize that we don’t have these things. Does that mean we cannot obtain these things? Should we even want these things? Do any of us really want to be that girl? Do any of us truly believe that we are intact not as feminine or as beautiful because we do not have an abundance of male attention?  Do we really want top be that girl? I no I don’t . Do you?


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