Kojima & His Legion of Gamers by Rony Urbina

The world’s first free gaming agent has emerged. His name you might ask? Well its the one and only Hideo Kojima! No clue who this is? Well, let me fill you in. Silent Hill(SH) has become a huge brand name for a lot of the early generation gamers. It’s newest departure was been lead by Mr. Kojima. To the uninitiated, the man is a god…..

Let me put it this way: STOP READING THIS AND GO PLAY HIS GAMES NOW! You will thank me later. Heaven and Earth collided when it was announced Kojima would be working with the likes of Guillermo Del Toro & Norman Reedus, to bring us a new Silent Hill game. Shortly after the announcement the relationship between Kojima and the game’s publisher, Konami dissolved. Konami showed the world just how CATTY(Yes I said it) a game company could be. His games were stripped of his name and the new Silent Hill game was seemingly left for dead. The fans are still in an uproar about what happened. He has been the brains behind each and every amazing game and the people remember him for it!  Wherever he goes gamers and big developers will follow. Many petitions have been passed around the inter webs in hoping to revive this game and to continue with its lead animated character Norman Reeds from HBO’s The Walking Dead. In the days since the petition was published, it’s been signed over 63,000 times. I imagine the petition will hit its goal of 75,000 signatures in just a few more days.  So what do you think? I have high hope for this games return and all we can do is wait and see.


Avid gamer, Student, Bay Area landscape artist

Official trailer for Silent Hills from Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro and with Norman Reedus !


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