Allan kingdom is one of the coolest rappers that I’ve ran into thus far. He is completely up my alley. He gives Indie Rap a good name with his play on words and his “go getter” spirit when it comes to beats, Allan Kingdom is a force to be recommend with. His debut album Future Memoirs EP shot him right to the top of the food chain and by food chain i mean Paul McCartney and Kanye West . His first radio hit not only includes Theophilus London but two major influential artists. “All Day” is the newest taste from Kanye’s new album So Help Me God, and it is rumored to be filled with up and coming new artist. But I promise you the only one you need to read up on is Mr. Kingdom.

Allan Kingdom hails from the country up north, Canada, but has since then moved to St. Paul, Minn. ( strange choice if you ask me) You can see St. Paul in the back ground of his video Evergreens and it is quite beautiful. I still remain sold to the fact that Kanye West is no longer one of my favorite rappers, but he has defiantly added some cool point to his roster for signing  Allan Kingdom before any one else got the chance. So, have you heard of him prior to All Day?  Well if not now you know. Your welcome.



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